New Moon In Aries

The Aries energy is dynamic, fiery, and electric. Aries energy gives us that drive, initiative, and passion. The will to go for whatever it is that we want. Instead of focusing on new projects or relationships keep your attention on cultivating self-love and fiercely.


  • Aries Moon Meditation: Sitting in silence, ask "How Can I use these energies of Aries for the upliftment of creation as a whole?" Align yourself with the universal realm of ideas. Open yourself to new inspirations, new impressions from the spiritual realms. With a joyful heart, receive these inspiration and to create/manifest them into the world as an act of service for humanity. 

  • Aries Moon Mantra: Today I hold the awareness of a new cycle beginning within me and within nature. I choose to be in alignment with this new energy.

Red is associated with the sign of Aries, and the planet Mars. Red candles symbolize energy, strength, sexual potency, physical desire, passionate love, courage, will power, and good health. This color is also used to protect against psychic attack, and to conquer fear & laziness. 

Essential oils:  chamomile, lavender, marjoram, rose, patchouli, celery seed, and peppermint.

Gems & Minerals: Quartz Crystal, Black Tourmaline, pyrite