Mercury Goes Retrograde April 28th, 2016

Mercury Retrograde April 28th through May 22nd, 2016.

...So we meet again, it's that time again ya'll.

Mercury goes retrograde and this transit has such a bad reputation, but truly it is just a normal pattern + cycle of our life. In fact,  Mercury retrograde is very necessary for helping us shift our focus and learning the role of Mercury is key. 

Mercury isthe planet of communication, it rules over how we express ourselves + how we think and how we communicate our ideas and feelings to the outside world. So when Mercury goes retrograde, this planetary shift will actually help us to also shift our focus away from expressing outwards and into expressing inwards. Don't be afraid to take the journey! 

Mercury retrogrades give us an opportunity to go within and to work out how we're truly  feeling and how we want to express our ideas and thoughts with the rest of the world.

 When Mercury is direct ithelps us to speak our truth and communicate it to the world. When Mercury goes retrograde however, this planet gives us the opportunity to assess our truth and how we have been communicating it to the world. 

This dual process has to exist and happen for us to really understand who we are and how we choose to express or communicate this information. 

Between today April 28th and May 22nd start working out those deeper parts of the  psyche, be gentle and honest with yourself. Mercury retrograde isn't "negative". It's just that when we know our truth, we know who we are. Of course it isn't all rainbows and flowers, Mercury retrograde comes with the obvious annoyances but they're for our growth, despite how frustrating they can feel. Be patient, expect the delays and mishaps/errors in communication that are always associated with mercurial retrogrades. Expect the travel delays, technological problems, and the usual advice of not signing any long binding contracts. 

An interesting point to take note also is that Mercury goes retrograde usually 3x a year, but in 2016  this planet is going retrograde 4 times! This is pretty rare, so the Universe must really want for us now to get in touch with our truth and how we feel.  This retrograde is in Earthy Taurus, it's energy will be a tad bit gentler. This is a really good time to revisit the past to assess whether your way of communicating has benefited you or if it needs to be changed. 

For the next three weeks: Breathe deep, take things slow, and trust that inner voice!