New Moon In Pisces + Solar Eclipse

Eclipses occur when The Sun and Moon are in line with Earth. A lunar eclipse happens only at Full Moon, making the moon appear blood red at midnight. A solar eclipse happens only at New Moon when the moon gets between the Sun and the Earth. Because the moon is relatively small, solar eclipses are rarely total. Eclipses in many ancient cultures were seen as signs of bad omens that brought about death and destruction.

New Moon

New Moon in Pisces: With the Sun and New Moon In Pisces the energy we may be feeling is more introverted, our intuition is at it's height and psychic energy is powerful. We are now able to get in touch with our deepest self, but it can also be a time of vagueness. You may notice a moodiness in others and within ourselves, but this is also an opportunity to fully appreciate art and beauty and to be that compassionate friend for a sister who needs to share her troubles.  For rituals of manifestation, or to release the habits that no longer serve us.

New Moon Mantra: "I Honor my compassionate, intuitive nature, my imagination, and my fluidity."

Create your own meaningful ritual by reading here: The Hoodwitch's guide to NEW MOON rituals.

Solar Eclipse


Solar energy enhances the energies of father, protection and external expression. A Solar Eclipse not only affects the energy of the Sun, but also the Moon. A Solar Eclipse occurs when the New Moon is between Earth and the Sun. The Moon's energy is very strong because it is extremely close to the Earth during this eclipse. The Sun energy is also very powerful as it embraces the Moon, showing only a glowing ring of bright light during the peak of the event.

During a Total Solar Eclipse, the Sun's light, associated with warmth, life force, and creation is temporarily blocked out. During these moments, feelings of lack, fatigue, anxiety and a disconnection with life/life force may occur. Again, this is only for a brief time as the New Moon totally blocks out the light of the Sun." - Kristi H of Healing Crystals

Duringthe total Solar Eclipse, if you are feeling a bit more sensitive to the energy of the Sun than usual, you can use some of these recommended crystals to keep your energy in-tune with that of the Sun during the eclipse.

Eclipse Gems

Large Black Tourmaline stone available here

Large Black Tourmaline stone available here


Citrine :is particularly helpful in assisting with abundance and prosperity. It enhances the enjoyment of life and increased spiritual growth. Citrine energizes and invigorates, increasing motivation and physical energy. Citrine dissipates negative energies and promotes inner calm.

For those who may have feelings of increased anxiousness, or are in need of some extra grounding and nurturing try the following stones listed below.

Smokey Quartz: Reduces anxiety, tensions and stress.  Smokey quartz can be used to facilitate awareness, encourage emotional expression and also assist in the elimination of pain, stress and/or rage. Smokey Quartz will calm and soothe your emotions.

Rainbow Moonstone: moonstone is a stone of intuition and insight, Moonstone helps us to connect to all the different cycles we experience in life. Moonstone will help to balance the emotional body, especially any aggressive tendencies in males or females. These stones are very soothing, especially when placed under the pillow.

Black Tourmaline: Black Tourmaline is the premier stone of protection and grounding, as it possesses a psychic shield which deflects and dispels negative energies, entities or destructive forces. It is the Stone that has such power to absorb and repel negative energies from our Auric Field, meridians, and Chakra System.