Happy New Moon In Sagittarius !

"The Arrow Of my aspiration is strong and true. I will not be deterred in my quest for Union."

Happy New Moon! It's Tuesday, November 29th and our lovely New Moon is in the fiery sign of Sagittarius. Use the energy of the moon in Sagittarius for magick for:


Adventures; both mental and physical.

Travel that broadens the mind.

Expanding conceptual horizons.

Long-term planning

The  new moon says  let your Goddess  wisdom shine bright!  Start debates among friends and colleagues about spirituality and also philosophical issues.  The Sag New Moon brings us  a powerful source of lunar energy to be free of restrictions. Freedom and spontaneity is at the forefront of our attention and most people may find that they may have the itch to travel. Journeying  to new places (especially by air) during the Sag moon is the perfect time, especially  for long journeys as this moon’s transit is perfect for long  international trips. However,  If traveling long distance is out of the question, try getting out into nature and spending time being active outdoors. If you aren't the outdoorsy type, curling up with a nice warm blanket in a cozy nook with a great book on philosophy or writing in a journal can be a more relaxing alternative for release and clarity .  

There is a proclivity now towards open and honest exchanges, and seeing things from a more idealistic viewpoint.  Now is a great time to rid  yourself of any meanness, pettiness, or unresolved dramas. Let go of these types of misunderstandings as we now  have the opportunity to create some major transformation, and healing. The Archer  helps  us aim and shoot toward our goals,  but we must be open and receptive to it's potent energy. With 2017just around the corner, now is the time to  benefit from forward moving, growth, and expansion. Allow the fires of the Sagittarius  new moon to burn through any and all obstacles/ barriers. The arrow of the archer is in our hands,  be sure to choose it’s direction carefully.

Astrologer and contributing writer Amelia Quint also  shared some insightful  astrological info for tonight’s New Moon in Sagittarius. 

“Sagittarius is the archetype of the wise teacher. This sign is as delighted to pass knowledge on from one generation to the next as they are to investigate new perspectives and the potential wisdom they may hold. This new moon is conjunct Saturn, so resist the desire to cling to one way of thinking. Instead, combine this with Mercury’s current placement in Sagittarius and be willing to engage in healthy debate.

Lady Luna in Sagittarius will be square Neptune in Pisces, which brings reality into stark contrast with the spirituality we love so dearly. Sagittarius rules truth, and sometimes that truth can be ugly. Still, anything Neptune and Pisces are activated, magick can be a powerful ally. Neptune is on the South Node of the moon right now, a point associated with past lives and karma. Indeed, this experience brings to mind the ideological struggles of our ancestors, and we can call on their strength our our own battles.”  



Written by K. Johannsen

Sitting in silence,  Ask “How can I  use these energies of Sagittarius for the upliftment of creation as a whole?” Align with the universal realm of ideas. In receptivity, allow yourself to await new inspirations, new impressions. With a joyful heart, receive and resolve to manifest these new ideas into the world as an act of service to humanity.  

Moon Wellness (health):

The Moon in Sagittarius affects the extended vertebrae (sacrum and coccyx) as well as thighs. At this time massages are particularly beneficial and can loosen up the muscles. Stiff thigh muscles and deep-seaten contusions can be quickly cured with long soaks in Epsom salt and soothing herbal mixtures that smell great and relax the senses. Take this soak a step further by lighting a purple candle (the color associated with Sagittarius) and close your eyes for a healing moon meditation


meditating with Lapis Lazuli helps disconnect the conscious and subconscious mind and boosts intuition. Lapis lazuli is also a very protective stone, and supports the balance of a healthy throat chakra for those who have fear in speaking their truth .

Candle color

Indigo/ Purple

Herbs/ Essential oils

Oils that encourage freedom and adventure are tea tree, eucalyptus, vetiver, geranium, thyme, hyssop, rose, clary sage, and rosemary.

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Happy New Moon Blessings!