Full Moon In Capricorn


A Full Moon that occurs between June 22 and July 22 will be in Capricorn. We will be experiencing two full moons in the month of July, which is called a "Blue Moon". The Blue Moon is when a full moon occurs twice in one month, with the first being in the beginning of the month. This term is also used for a full moon occurring twice in a row in the same sign of the Zodiac.

Use a Capricorn full moon in works pertaining to:

  • Career matters
  • anything to do with status, establishment of reputation
  • planning & organizing (focusing on goals)
  • binding
  • grounding
  • Healing the joints in your body (especially the knees)

The Blue Moon is a powerful time for setting long-term goals, acknowledgement of your accomplishments, divination, and past life-regression. The Capricorn moon says it's time to start taking care of business. Taking the time to pay special attention to our needs for security, our duties and obligations, drives, and ambitions. "Going for it" materially, as now is the time for ambitiousness and persistence. This is a bad time to ask or obtain anything from established authorities (patriarchal systems), you do those in Leo moons, as this is the time where traditional modes prevail. Capricorn brings a desire to create environments and energy is usually slowed down, so be careful to avoid insensitivity to others, and stay out of negative and pessimistic mind sets that are only going to drag you down. Take this moon's energy to deal with your material plane, especially if you've neglected it for too long.

Capricorn  moon  rituals tend to be a bit harder to get initiated because of the amount of grounded Earth energy, but once they do they will be a lot of fun, so enjoy the energy of this  thunder moon by utilizing an affirmation in your full moon meditation.




Capricorn moon affirmation: I am a success in everything I do. I give laughter and healing to the world.

Essential Oils: Patchouli, Cypress

Candle colors: White, dark blue, green

Stones: Obsidian, clear quartz, garnet, Tiger's eye, smoky quartz

Goddess of the Capricorn moon: All crones, Buffalo woman, Green witch, Kuan Yin, Medea.