New Moon In Scorpio 11/11 : Transformation

“The naked awareness of the Dark Goddess is to see the destruction and death of the old and joyfully embrace it as a sign of imminent renewal.”

The Moon's transit through Scorpio is a time of death and rebirth (not necessarily physical death).
Intensity, extremes, and heightened sensitivity are important themes as the watery sign of Scorpio represents deep emotions and desires. On 11/11 we will experience an extremely trans-formative new moon.  This is a good time for new moon rituals pertaining to psychic work, and release. As sensitivity is heightened,  we may experience a shift for an open channel of new information to flow. I find this to be a wonderful time, where I feel the Goddess most intensely, especially the Dark Goddesses.

During Scorpio Moon, opinions and feelings are intense and penetrating. Strong desires, especially sexual yearnings run deep. Pay special attention as emotional resentments from the past can surface and block your heightened creative energy. Fight urges to be suspicious, secretive, and moody.

This is the time for regeneration and cleaning out old debris from the previous month. There is a great energy that will support you in completing things and focusing on certain areas that you've found yourself too scattered to finish or deal with in the previous cycle. Take the time now for sexual exploration, and relaxation. 

Meditation Mantra: "Throughout this day I am mindful that I carry within me the energies of transformation and rebirth, of passion, intensity, and stregnth. May All these energies pour through and from my heart center as I seek to be harmless in thought, word, and deed." 

Ritual: A Death card celebration of Rebirth

The fear of change is at the core of our most limiting beliefs. This ritual is focused on the Major Arcana card of "Death". Death card symbolizes absolute change and transformation. Often when we find ourselves in a persistent problem we fail to realize that our attempts to avoid dealing with the problem is precisely why that problem stays rooted in our life. This death card ritual practice allows you to "rehearse" for inviting change into your life rather than resisting it.

You will need:

  • A plant pot & soil
  • Roses
  • Small plant
  • Additional potting soil
  • invitation card, or index card with markers

To begin , take a blank invitation card that has the word "Invitation" printed on one side. On the reverse side of the card, write:

"I am inviting the problem of, or the fear of __________ into my life. I am willing to deal this problem or fear within the confines of this celebration. I release my old ways of avoiding this problem and welcome a new beginning; though I don't know what form the new beginning will take, I invite it into my life as well."

Take the beautiful rose as well as your seedling, or small plantthat you have selected for this exercise. The flower pot should be 1/3 full of potting soil, and a bag of soil should be handy.

Begin tearing off the petals of the rose and dropping them into the pot of soil. As you destroy the rose, petal by petal, say " Nothing ever dies, all death is transformation." This can be repeated as a s chant if you feel comfortable doing so. Continue the ritual by saying: "To Transcend death, the rose must dies. To transcend my problem or fear, I must accept it into the soil of my life."

When the Rose petals are all in the pot, use your hands to cover and mix up the petals with the soil. Then plant the seedling or plant in the pot, add more soil from the bag to cover it roots. When the seedling is planted, say: "The Death Of the Rose petals allows them to become the compost that nurtures this new plant. May I similarly accept the transformations in my life, knowing that they bring healing, blessings and new growth."

End the celebration by saying: "As this plant moves through it's various cycles of growth, may it remind me of my own ability to accept transformation."

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