Super Full Moon In Taurus !

"The Goddess Frees me from all attachments to people, places, and things. Everyone and everything who is not a part of my perfect life plan now releases me."


October 27th, our dear Moon is in the Earthy sensual sign of Taurus. Ruler of the material world (form), and associated to Venus ruler of love, art, beauty and relationships. Our sun is in the mysterious watery and trans-formative sign of Scorpio. So just what lies beneath those murky waters? now is the time where situations that were once hidden reveal themselves and come bubbling to the surface. This full super moon is our last of the year,  what makes this moon super? it's closest to Earth and it's energies/influence will be potent. 


Taurus Moon ask us to nurture the neglected and wounded parts of ourselves, illuminate our hearts and our shadows. This full moon also falls very close to Samhain, The witches new year! a celebration where all crossroads come together, a time of purification and renewal. We take the inward soul journey to honor ancestors, practice divinatory work, and celebrate the crone. Releasing what no longer serves us is of major importance. Freeing ourselves from the pains of fruitless relationships,  careers, relationships or things that are just not part of our true path is essential. Start to heal your karma by releasing those painful feelings of anger, hostility,  resentment. Transition, release, inner peace, heal, and allow karmic completion.


Full Moon in Taurus Magic: A sensuous, grounded full moon ritual should be done outside (if possible) and close to the Earth. This is a time of heightened sensitivity, adorn yourself in your most beautiful gown/outfit and bring flowers to the circle. Taurus moons are ideal for spell-work pertaining to: Love, money, homes, fertility, to ground and make concrete plans.

Meditation: Sitting in silence, breathe in the sign of Taurus and place it at the heart center. Envision the color yellow, surrounding your entire body and filling you with Beauty, and harmony. contemplate the powerful energy of the bull's moon, you are an open and receptive vessel being intensified by it's energy. Ask your higher self, how to  best prepare yourself to receive these powerful energies. Mantra: "may the light of the soul, illuminate every aspect of my being."

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