Words From A Wanderer- An Interview With Alex Elle.

Alex Elle is truly  such an inspiring woman, living  and creating her dreams. She is the radiant author of  "Words From A Wanderer" and "Love In My Language", two beautiful & endearing works that showcase the passion and sincerity behind Alex's words. I had the opportunity of  interviewing Ms. Elle. Where we were able to  discuss the importance of self-love, crystals, and a powerful movement she's curated  for women who dare to embrace the the skin  that they're in.

The Hoodwitch: Hi Alex, I always love to start each interview by asking this question,: what is your astrological sign?
AE: I am a lioness (Leo) and a true one at that. Fire sign all the way!

HW:Would you mind sharing with us some of your daily rituals?
AE:I try to pray/meditate every morning before rising. My little one and I chat about her night’s sleep and dreams. That’s probably my favorite part of getting up, hearing her tell me about her sleep explorations.

HW:Do you work with crystals or minerals at all? If so what are some of your favorites and why?
AE: I love amethysts. That gem in particular calms me down. I have a necklace that houses an amethyst slice and whenever I wear it, it warms up against my skin very intensely. It’s insane. I remember wearing it for the first time and having to take it off because it got HOT! I contacted the maker in excitement and she said the gem was charging and syncing with my energy. It was pretty freaking cool.

HW: Your book “Love In My language” is  seriously so beautiful, and powerful. I actually cried reading it.  How long did it take you to write and what was that process like?

AE: That warms my heart! I am glad you enjoyed it. That’s actually my second book and it was done shortly after publishing my first book (Words from a Wanderer). It took me about a year to write it but I wasn’t ready for the world to have it yet so I held on to it.  

 HW: who/what inspires you most?

AE:Love inspires me most and so does self worth. I struggled a lot growing up with both so being able to come to terms with it as an adult definitely brings me joy. Also, my friends, family and daughter play a huge role in my inspiration daily. I am so blessed by them and am very aware of their places in my life.

HW: You began this truly amazing project on Instagram titled “Love Your lines”, which features a range of very brave and honest women showcasing their stretch marks.. How did this project come about? will this be made into a coffee table book? (please say yes).

AE: Yes, LYL! I started it with a friend of mine on a whim and it exploded. Went viral and women from near and far gravitated toward the campaign. I wanted to create a space online for women to feel safe in sharing their beauty. Real bodies [no Photoshop], real women, ‘flaws’ and all. It’s been a magcical journey. Yes, we will be coming out with a coffee table book of images we take and interviews from women. We will be going on tour soon to connect with women all over!

HW:I think what you’re doing with the  “Love Your Lines” movement IS magical. Self love and believing in yourself (to me)  is the most magical act.  You are the mother to a young daughter, what are some body positive practices that you teach and share with her?

AE: Thank you! I encourage my daughter to feel good about her self by asking questions. I don’t like to do too much push and pull when it comes to her self-esteem. Personally, I feel like that can be damaging. I want her to feel as comfortable in her skin as she possibly can, without extreme pressure from me. Sometimes as parents we can push too much on what we want our children to feel inside of just allowing them to do so. I simply ask her how she feels about her self. Particularly when she’s fresh out of the shower or when she’s getting her hair done. I also make sure that she sees me as my true self, not only when I look nice but when I look regular too. Our children are a reflection of us and I want her to see [and know] her beauty from not only the outside but the inside as well.

HW: What Goddess archetype do you feel most connected to and why?  
AE:So, I had to look this up… and after doing so I would have to say ‘Persephone.’ She seems to fit me best.

HW: You are such a creative and dynamic business woman!  I see you also have  launched an all natural skincare line, how long have you been working on this project? and will it be sold in retail stores? And where can our readers purchase?

AE: Many thanks! My daughter actually birthed the line and I helped evolve it. It has been in the works for over a year. It started off just as lip balms but has expanded to vegan body care for families, new mom in particular. We just got a few wholesale deals with little boutiques. We are excited about the journey! My little one has started something great. And I can’t wait until she gets older to really understand her hand in the brand.

You can find us at: balmandco.etsy.com  and on Instagram @TheBalmCo

HW:Any final words for our readers?
AE: Stay creative and grounded in love.