An Interview with Spellbound Sky

Los Angeles

One of my most favorite metaphysical stores in all of Los Angeles is Spellbound Sky, a hidden gem (literally) nestled amongst a quiet residential neighborhood in Silverlake, CA. This store is my go- to as soon as I step off the plane. Not only are the store owners Mark Phillips and Martin Anguiano extremely helpful but they are extremely knowledgeable of  each and every crystal in their store and are more than happy to answer any questions you might have as a novice crystal shopper, or a crystalline connoisseur. Luckily for me I was able to catch up with the dynamic duo and here is what they had to say.


The Hoodwitch: I'm sure you hear this often  but whenever I hear Siouxsie And The Banshee's "Spellbound"? I instantly think of you two. Was the store named after the song, or is this just a really amazing coincidence?  

Spellbound Sky: Of course we are both hardcore Siouxsie fans so having that association is fine with us.! The name Spellbound Sky represents that magic is in the air, and the sky reminds us that there are unlimited possibilities.


How did Spellbound Sky get started?  

We were still doing freelance projects for the Fashion Industry and needed a space to work out of, then we decided it would be fun to add a retail aspect as well.  Our original concept was to mix our metaphysical passions with fashion and that concept has remained intact since, although of course now the crystals have taken center stage.

Where did your love of crystals begin?

Working in a creative yet deadline driven industry, we needed to add tools to help inspire us and allow us deal with the stress and bullshit that comes with the territory. Crystals were the perfect talisman...with their beauty and healing powers, we were hooked!

What are some crystals that you absolutely  just can't leave home without?

We usually roll pretty deep in the crystal department... some of our faves are a citrine and black tourmaline combo to attract what you desire into your life and not let negative energy get in the way.  Also selenite is a all time fave for it's cleansing properties and helping you to connect with everything in the Universe that is Divine.

I know you both have a very extensive backgrounds in fashion, what sets Spellbound sky apart from other metaphysical boutiques?

 I think our clients appreciate that we decided to make Spellbound Sky a experience that is in line with our authentic self and not conforming to the stereotype of what a metaphysical shop should be.  Of course we cater to people who celebrate creativity and individuality like we do.

Spellbound Sky Storefront


You guys are located right near the Sunset Junction, I'm sure you see plenty of fascinating people. Who is the most interesting celebrity that has ever come into your store? and what did they buy (tell us all the dirt!)  

Every day is a action packed adventure when we open the shop, and we do have a assortment of colorful peeps, many of them with celebrity status.  Recently L.A. Icon Angelyne has been popping over to the shop, its always a thrill to see her pink corvette parked in front! She's a crystal enthusiast, so it was only a matter of time before she found us. Her faves are usually rose quartz (duh!), tigers eye, and lapis lazuli.

What is a fall *must have* item sold at Spellbound Sky?

We usually are the most inspired by whatever we add into the mix from our buying appointments. We are blessed to have great relationships with so many crystal resources, so we usually get in new items on a weekly basis. The majority of our assortment is handpicked by us, and of course that is one of the most exciting aspects of owning our about a fantasy job!  Our ritual candles are always a 'must have' item when people drop by the shop, and we love hearing all the intense-crazy-inspiring-unbelievable stories from our clients who burn them.

I hear your weekly meditations are pretty epic, what do you think sets your classes apart from the rest?

Yes, Wednesday night has turned into The Main Event at Spellbound Sky!  Our Meditation Guide Jessica Snow is magical and we are beyond blessed to introduce the world of meditation with crystals to our clients.  Everyone who attends tells us that they look forward all week to the experience and love that we provide the crystal for them to keep, charged up with the energy of the meditation...its defiantly next level! Our insider tip that we tell everyone is to get there early, it breaks our heart to have to turn peeps away once our space capacity is reached.


I love your #ForeverObsssed hashtag Who is your favorite TV witch/warlock/wizard  of all time?

Even though she technically may not be considered a witch, Elvira is absolutely our all time fave, we truly are #foreverobsessed!