Chakrubs- An Interview With Vanessa Cuccia


From the beginning of time we have found beauty, power, and mystery within stones. Just as herbs possess energies, so too do crystals, stones, and metals. With their powers we can change ourselves and our lives. Stone magic is as old as time, and Vanessa Cuccia Of Chakrubs has embarked on a journey to create beautifully handcrafted crystalline sex toys that will not only offer the magical value of stones but all of their transformative qualities during our most intimate and sacred state. I was first introduced to Chakrubs by a friend tagging me in an Instagram post. I was very curious to learn more about the brand, as I have worked with crystals for personal development  and I am a firm believer in their ability to aid the body into higher states of consciousness. I was very pleased to have been able to interview Vanessa on Chakrubs.


What was the initial inspiration behind Chakrubs? Had you always taken an interest in the healing properties of crystals? 


Vanessa Cuccia owner of Chakrubs

Vanessa Cuccia owner of Chakrubs

My first memory with crystals comes from when I was a little girl walking on the bluffs in Long Island with my father. A favorite pastime of his was to scour the sand for geodes. When we found one, he would crack it open to reveal a crystal center to these otherwise very normal looking rocks. I had been interested in subjects like Earth Science in school, but wasn't aware of the metaphysical nature of crystals until years later. When I was about 21, my boyfriend at the time and I decided to move to Los Angeles. We drove cross country, stopping in Arizona at the tail end of our trip. There was a gift shop we stopped at, with a little display of pocket crystals - each with a description of each. I picked out a few I thought would be beneficial for my journey and for my intentions of embarking on this new phase of life. I kept them in a little pouch, they stayed with me for the whole process, but I never gave them much thought. 

Until about a year later. My boyfriend and I had parted ways, and I moved into an apartment with my sister. Soon after she had a job opportunity back in New York and moved out so I had a spare bedroom. I came across a web series called Spirit Science, and was very captivated by it. The creator of the series had put out a word that he was traveling through Los Angeles, and needed a place to stay. I contacted him, and after a few very long conversations, this spiritual teacher came to live with me for a few months. 

He taught me all he knew about crystals. People would send him boxes of crystals to the apartment. He'd lay them all out and teach me about each one. It was then I started carrying around my little crystal collection I started back in Arizona, with a few more that I had been gifted with by him. 

I should mention at this time, I was working two jobs. One as a fairy haha. I would dress up like a fairy and perform at children's birthday parties. It was a blast, I loved doing it to encourage children's imaginations. I still plan on doing this for all of my niece's birthday parties (no matter how old she or I gets). My other job was as a web order fulfillment clerk at a famous sex toy shop. I took the job at the toy shop because it was such a great environment filled with people who were so nonjudgmental and sex-positive. I had begun to realize I had many hang-ups when it came to sex, and thought it would be a healing atmosphere for me to be in. It was. 

It also required that I packaged plastic and battery-operated toys. I would learn about women becoming desensitized, and having phone conversations with people who wanted to know about various products - and learning about the needs and desires of many people. 

One night my spiritual teacher friend was invited to a women's house who apparently has one of the largest crystal collections in America. He invited me to come along and so I did. I remember entering this woman's house, it was beautiful. She was beautiful. I was given a quick "hello" and then she eagerly began her conversation my friend. They were getting excited about an idea they wanted to start themselves, also having to do with crystals. I don't believe it's ever come into fruition, yet another idea that night has. She gave us a tour of all her crystals. One in particular, she was very proud of. It was some sort of Himalayan Smokey Quartz - or something - and as she displayed it to us, something came over me and I blurted out, "That would make a great sex toy!" Well, the group turned around at me with raised eyebrows, a few awkward seconds of silence occurred and then they went back to their conversation. I didn't say much more that night, but my mind was brewing. This was something I wanted. I tuned out the rest of the night, but tuned into my intuition, and formulated my idea.

Can you please share with our readers who might not be familiar with the metaphysical benefits of crystals how does a Chakrub work?

The first step in receiving the full benefits of Chakrubs is to create an intention. Chakrubs has a philosophy behind it, which is still evolving, but a main point of the philosophy is to live with intention. Creating an intentional practice with you Chakrub or any crystal is vital to the process. Crystals have perfect molecular structures - that is why they are so beautiful and why they are not just "rocks". They are also conductors of energy, which is why the first radio was a crystal set. So, they can hold onto your intention, and they can have positive effects on our electro-magnetic fields. Crystals have been used for thousands of years for their metaphysical benefits. The word "amethyst" comes from a Greek word meaning to avoid drunkenness. The ancient wisdom is there, we can tap into it. When we combine our sexual energy with the energy of the crystal, we are able to achieve great pleasure as well as therapeutic benefits. We may also wish to train ourselves to feel the energy given off by the crystal, as to re-sensitize ourselves to subtle energies, thus making sexual acts more intensified. 

What  are some of the health benefits to using toys made of crystals versus the regular battery operated toys that are most commonly sold?

. Re-sensitizing is a major aspect of Chakrubs. To learn how to quiet ourselves and become in-tune with subtle energy leads to very potent love-making - with ourselves, with others, with ideas, with life. We are all seeking pleasure, but only being offered what people think we want. More technologically advanced toys that are robotic and impersonal. What we need is to become more aware of our hearts, and understand what our souls desire. This is not done through items which use chemicals like parabens and phthalates. 

Which Chakrub would you recommend for couples use? More importantly should these be used for couples? would you recommend that they be used by one person a lone? 

Any Chakrub could be recommended for couples depending on what it is the couple would like to improve on. For example, if a couple has issues with communication, the Chakrub Indigo would be a good match as it is made from pure blue aventurine which is believed to open the throat chakra. Chakrubs can absolutely be used for couples who have similar intentions for their practice. Absolutely.

Do you plan to make Chakrubs available in any other healing stones such as amethyst, or clear quartz? What was the reasoning for the current choices you have available now? 

There are many new products in the works including a greater variety of stones. The reasoning behind the current choices was simple - I picked the stones that I would want to have in my personal collection! Of course, it also has to do with these types of crystal being able to be found in large "mother" stones. All Chakrubs are created from the mother stone - a large piece is found and carved and smoothed down. This way, none of the wands have ever been owned before.

I imagine that because Chakrubs are made of 100% crystal you would care for them in the same manner that you would also care for any other healing crystal tool, as well as sex toy for that matter. For those who aren't aware, crystals can be programmed to store and hold information as well as energy, and they regular their own special method of cleansing either by sunlight, moonlight, salt or smudge. However, with such an intimate item going in or around such delicate places, what is the recommended/preferred method  to ensure proper sensitization, as well as recharging of the chakrub?

As far as cleansing the Chakrub, I recommend a mild natural soap. coconut oil cleanse. Recharging the Chakrub is the same as for any crystals. I love the idea of trying different means of energizing the Chakrub and seeing how it affects the practice. Charge it during the full moon, charge it in the sunlight, energize it with music, etc. How beautiful! 

Are they safe to use with store bought lubricants?

I do not recommend store bought lubricants. I will have a line of natural and body-safe lubricants to use next year. Coconut oil is most preferred if you do need extra lubrication.

In the future it would be great to start a workshop for Chakrubs, do you have any plans to create any instructional workshops around the use of chakrubs  for men and women who may want to learn and experience more about sacred self healing and intimacy techniques with the use of their chakrubs?

Many of my customers write to me and share their experiences. I am listening to all, and together we are creating a practice. The philosophy is formulating, the foundation is being built, and I am so excited to see where it leads us. 

"I Came From The Earth" a collection of photographs documenting a woman in nature with her collection of Chakrubs

"I Came From The Earth" a collection of photographs documenting a woman in nature with her collection of Chakrubs

Last but not least, what is YOUR favorite chakrub in the line and why?

I love the way the Indian Jade looks against my skin. I love the light-heartedness of it's energy, the Mona Lisa smile it gives me. I love them all, and I am lucky I have one of each! At different times I reach to different ones to give me the kind of comfort and therapy I need in that moment.

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