Full Moon In Gemini Wellness.


A full moon that occurs between November 23 and December 21 will be in Gemini. Utilize this time for bright ideas, and laughter.

  • Improve communication.
  • work with impartial and detached thinking.
  • hold parties
  • heal the arms,hands,lungs and calm the nervous system.
  • bring light and life close to you as Yule approaches.

Health & Wellness: Focus attention to your arms, shoulders and hands. This is an excellent time to get a relaxing massage. If you're suffering from information overload/restlessness or anxiety a warm cup of chamomile tea along with a relaxing  lavender Epsom salt will have your aching/tense muscles and frazzled nerves drifting into dreamland in no time. For more Full Moon in Gemini insights follow us on IG @TheHoodwitch