Crystal Meditation: Amethyst


Amethyst quartz clusters amplify the soothing purple ray of the divine light spectrum that enables mankind to calm the conscious mind so that wisdom and guidance of the intuitive self can surface. Amethyst, along with citrine, rose, smokey, and clear quartz crystals form the foundation of crystalline consciousness that assists in mankind's journey of soul evolution. These crystals facilitate the basic opening and aligning of the chakras that encourage us to continue along the path of enlightenment. Amethyst has the ability to clear away delusion, denial, and any ego facilitating devices coloring one's perceptions. Amethyst soothes the conscious mind and relaxes the tensions resultant from long stressful days, making it possible to enjoy restful sleep at night.

Amethyst Meditation Preparation:

Amethyst Meditation: Before attempting to do this meditation, spend some time getting to know your amethyst crystal. Allow yourself to become familiar with its faceting, its color intensity, and shape. allow yourself to sense its vibrations. I like to sleep with my amethyst crystals under my pillow or next to my bed for a few days prior to working with it as a meditation aid, I also place my amethyst pieces on the center of my forehead between my Eyebrows.

  • Select an amethyst point or cluster, be sure that the point or cluster fits easily into the palm of your hand.
  • cleanse/ bless your amethyst.

Select a softly illuminated room to begin your meditation, one where you will not be disturbed by noise, television, or interruptions (this includes cell phones, and other electronic devices). Take a comfortable seated position, and begin to inhale slowly/rhythmically. It is important that you're focusing on your breathing.

The Visualization:

As you inhale visualize a golden/white light entering your nose traveling down your trachea and filling your lungs chest cavity and heart center with illuminated light.

As you exhale, visualize tensions, frustrations, and stresses leaving your body. Bless yourself and your discordant energy by calling upon whatever protective force you feel most comfortable with. For some, this includes your higher self. Allow these discordant thoughts to vanish into the ether to find peace. 

Now you're ready to pick up your amethyst, place the amethyst in your left hand and gaze upon its purple color. relax and attune to the crystals vibration. Some people have said that saying the words "attune to the purple ray of amethyst" silently over and over again brings about a warming sensation in their hands. This may not be the desired method for everyone, you may say whatever feel best for you to help you connect and attune to the vibrational field of your amethyst.

After gazing upon your crystal, try using your right hand to touch the gems points. close your eyes and envision the purple color of your amethyst crystal as a brightly glowing purple sphere slowly rotating clockwise above your head. Then allow the glowing purple spehere to slowly descendand penetrate into your  crown chakra, and filling your third eye with the glowing purple ray.

If the color of the amethyst sphere begins to fade, open your eyes immediately and gaze on your crystal. continue this procedure until you are able to fill your third eye with the purple color of the amethyst and hold the visualization for up to 3 minutes.

Allow the glowing purple sphere to descend even further along your chakra cord traveling from the crown, third eye, to the throat and heart center, solar plexus navel and base chakras. visualize all seven of your chakra centers glowing simultaneously with the deep purple ray of the amethyst sphere. From each of the chakra centers you have colored with the purple sphere, it is now time to visualize the color of your amethyst spreading to fill up your entire body with the purple ray. skull, face, neck, shoulder, hands, legs, feet, toes. your entire body is illuminated in a lovely glowing soothing purple. As your body is glowing with  the tranquil shade of purple, allow the color of amethyst to engulf the entire room. Try to hold this visualization for as long as you'd like.

Finishing up:

When you are ready to come back to your meditation room, simply count backwards from ten to one. At the count of one, slowly open your eyes. remain seated and observe how relaxed you feel. know that at anytime you can take a moment to envision the purple ray amplified through amethyst for mental clarity that will allow you to negotiate through any situation relying on heightened intuition .

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