Photo by Elliott Snyder - Seattle Frye Art Museum  

Photo by Elliott Snyder - Seattle Frye Art Museum 

The Hoodwitch was a website and project that I had been working on for over a year. It started as a fun play on words, but also as a reference to the curanderas and the wise women in the neighborhood botanicas that I grew up in. These wise women were the healers. They were the shoulders to cry on, they could give you a recipe to clear up your colds, bring love into your life, or protect your flower garden. They are the beacons of light for their community and that has always inspired me. This experience has allowed me to explore my understandings of metaphysics, folk medicine, and wellness in ways I never thought possible. I have always believed my purpose in this life was to share, uplift, support, and spread love to the world around me.

I would like to take the time to thank all of the beautiful and supportive souls I have gotten to meet a long the way of this journey. There were many times during this process that I wanted to give up, or throw in the towel and then I remembered that this project and this information is not about ME, it is about the greater good for ALL. The universe is vast, and we need as many healing information sources as possible. It is time for us to awaken and tap into the deeper parts of ourselves and into the natural magick that is offered to us  by this very planet we inhabit.

I believe we are all interconnected in this great web, and that even the tiniest accomplishments matter. I sincerely hope that with the launch of this site we may grow together, by honoring timeless knowledge that we have either forgotten or learned to ignore. If you have found that any of this information was beneficial to you please consider visiting the Support page.

As above, and so below.
- Bri
The Hoodwitch

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